Check out the Tesla Musk launched into space [+video]

Just last month we had a teaser image from Elon Musk about seeing a Tesla Roadster being loaded into a SpaceX rocket. Today, it has come to reality as the SpaceX Heavy Falcon rocket blasted away from Earth and carried Starman (a dummy wearing SpaceX’s new crew suit) together with the Tesla Roadster into space.


Originally planned for Mars, unfortunately, the Tesla Roadster went a bit off and is now heading to the asteroid belt instead according to a report by Verge. Of course, the Roadster isn’t the only payload on it. A data storage device, a plaque inscribed with all SpaceX employee names is also included as well as 3 cameras strapped to the Tesla Roadster.

Although this is essentially an amazing feat for SpaceX, Tesla seems to be getting a lot of free publicity with its roadster now floating in space.

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