Audi electrifies the World Economic Forum in Davos

Sustainable mobility for the World Economic Forum in Davos: As the exclusive shuttle partner, Audi is providing a fleet of 50 Audi e-tron cars for the annual meeting in 2019. The all-electric cars are fully powered by green electricity. And with mobile…

Audi, Airbus and Italdesign test Flying Taxi Concept

What do you get when you pair an auto manufacturer, an airplane maker and a design studio? You get a funky flying and driving prototype of a flying taxi. When we think flying taxi, we think of planes which can…

Nissan Signs Actress Margot Robbie As Its First EV Ambassador [+video]

Nissan has announced actress Margot Robbie as the new electric vehicle (EV) ambassador by racing the carmaker’s all-electric BladeGlider sports car around the world-famous Monaco Grand Prix circuit, at midnight. Margot Robbie put the prototype 190km/h Nissan BladeGlider through its paces around the…

BMW, Daimler, Ford, VW Group Collaborate To Build EV Charging Stations

BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen Group with Audi and Porsche have all signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to install about 400 high-powered charging sites in Europe. This will enable long-range travel for electric vehicles and encourage buyers to purchase electric…

Mercedes-Benz To Build First Electric Car, Expected To Go On Sale By 2020

At the 2016 Paris Motor Show in September, Mercedes-Benz announced its all-electric division called EQ. Now the company has confirmed that the first production model of the new EQ product brand will be produced in the North German city of Bremen by…

Volkswagen and JAC Aim for Joint Development of Electric Vehicles in China

Volkswagen AG and China’s Anhui Jianghuai Automobile (JAC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that could lead to a future joint venture between both companies producing an all-electric vehicles in China. The collaboration will focus on new energy vehicles (NEV), to carry out…

Nissan and BMW partner to deploy dual fast chargers across the U.S.

Nissan and BMW are joining forces to offer public fast charging at 120 locations across the United States in an effort to support Nissan LEAF and BMW i3 customers and to promote increased adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) nationwide.

Nissan LEAF EV celebrates its fifth anniversary and reaching 200,000 sales [+video]

Ever since the first Nissan LEAF rolled off the assembly line, it has been continually celebrated around the world, garnering more than 92 awards, including being named Car of the Year in Japan and Europe, not to mention winning the…

Porsche Mission E gets the green light, to debut in 2020

The first 100% electrically powered Porsche is on its way as the German automaker announced that it will be launched at the end of the decade.

Volvo unveils global electrification strategy

Volvo recently announced that it will add plug-in hybrid vehicles across its entire product range, develop a whole new line of electrified smaller cars, and build an all-electric car for sale by 2019.

2016 Nissan Leaf gains larger battery and improved range

For its 2016 model year, the Nissan Leaf gains a larger 30 kWh battery, which now bumps the car’s range to 250 km, a healthy 27% improvement over its predecessor. 

COMOS Electric Vehicle car sharing program launched [+video]

Interested in an electric vehicle (EV), but not keen on keeping one long-term? Well, good news for you, as CMS Consortium Ecotour Sdn Bhd has recently launched their new EV car sharing program called COMOS, short for Cohesive Mobility Solution.

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