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UPDATED! Leaked! Clearer photos of the 2016 Proton Saga emerge!

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Last month, we showed you guys a blurry photo of the 2016 Proton Saga. For today, we have a much clearer shot of the new sedan’s rear end.


Thanks to the folks over at the Proton Saga Community Facebook group, we now can see the rear end of Proton’s upcoming A-segment sedan, aimed squarely at the new Perodua Bezza.


Despite sharing its platform with the outgoing Proton Saga, the new 2016 model boasts a much cleaner design, with a two-piece rear tail light with a large chrome strip that connects them both. On the outgoing Saga, the boot release is located above the number plate, to the right of the Proton emblem. As for the new Saga, it appears that engineers have shifted it to the middle right hand side of the boot, possibly making it easier to unlock the boot. Like the Perdana, the chrome strip also integrates nicely into the tail lights.


Looking at the new Saga’s side profile, it is evident that Proton has injected a little more design elements into its new sedan, as seen from the strong shoulder line that runs across the doors. The clearest shot we have here also shows that the Saga’s boot bulges upwards, as opposed to the outgoing model’s flat boot.

Apart from that, the bottom half of the bumper feature a rather intricate lower half design, with a rear fog light positioned right in the centre of it. From the looks of the new tail lights, it is possible that the new Saga will utilize bulbs for illumination, as opposed to LEDs on the outgoing model.


The second pic, though blurry, appears to show a higher end variant of the new Saga, as the spied model seems to have a rear lower bodykit fitted. The Saga emblem can be seen clearly on the top right of the rear boot. Apart from that, a small bootlid spoiler can be seen too.

From what we understand, the 2016 Proton Saga could very well utilize a 1.3-litre Campro VVT engine, mated to a CVT or Getrag five-speed manual. In line with Proton’s new strategy, we could also see the availability of VSC and TC on the Saga for the first time ever.

Photo credit: Proton Saga Community 1, 2

Photo credit for blue Saga pics: Cari Kawan on Facebook

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  • iskhalifah

    The rear headlights seem to be Audi A4-inspired while the front looks a bit like old Jetta MK5, but such design doesn’t suit well in a narrow A/B segment sedan. Sadly I don’t think Proton is being consistent with its design language over the years. The bold Preve “wing-shaped grille that seamlessly connect the sharp headlight” design is quite evident in upcoming Persona, but not in this Saga. Considering it’s based on decade-old Savvy platform powered by the campro engine/punch CVT combo, I doubt that its going to appeal more than the 1.3 Bezza in terms of Unique Selling Proposition – USP (easy drive, lightweight, frugal engine, refinement).

    Handling just won’t make the cut anymore. People nowadays prefer frugality, comfort and refinement.

    • Kong King


    • Kong King

      I do think the new saga very much look like Lamborghini Aventador. It got 4 tyres, a set of headlight, a set of side mirror and one engine.

  • wmac

    Beautiful for a relatively cheap car… I like how proton has improved its design work