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Jenson Button and wife ‘gassed’ and robbed during summer holiday in France

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Jenson Button and Jessica Michibata

Whilst spending their summer holiday in Saint Tropez, South of France, Formula One driver, Jenson Button and his wife, Jessica Michibata were robbed, and it is believed that they were gassed beforehand with some sort of aerosol anesthetic.

The couple lost possessions totaling over $450,000 (RM1,766,000) including his wife’s engagement ring. It is believed that the burglars stole the engagement ring from the bedroom where Button and his wife lay unconscious.

It is also believed that the thieves pumped anesthetic gas into the air conditioning vents of the mansion Button was staying in with a group of friends. They reportedly awoke feeling groggy, before realizing that they’d been victims of a robbery.

French police said they knew of no cases in the Saint-Tropez area where gas was used to render victims unconscious. The Royal College of Anaesthetists said it is extremely unlikely that an anesthetic gas was employed but could not rule out the use of another kind of gas. Well, it can’t be Nitrous Oxide because this is no ‘laughing’ matter.

One police source even suggested that the thieved didn’t need the gas, as the couple were already unconscious from partying, as they appeared to be suffering from hangovers. No, really.

They were obviously the worse for wear that morning and they may have been embarrassed because they didn’t wake up,” the source said. “People come here to party and there’s lots of drinking. In this case, it seems likely that they had been drinking the night before. The stories of people being gassed are a myth.”

The couple had their blood and urine samples taken which will be analysed for further investigation. Jenson’s sample was apparently glowing when he submitted it. Okay, sorry, we just made that last bit up….

Source: Telegraph.co.uk, BBC