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Honda Begins Joint Research with Boston University

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Honda CR-V Hybrid

In a world where technology is increasingly being used in vehicles, the word security comes to mind. With reports of ransomware making its rounds around the globe, even automakers are putting emphasis on security. Honda is one of them and they (Honda Research Institute, HRI) have started a joint research with the Boston University in the area of data security and privacy for artificial intelligence (AI) research.

Honda will develop Cooperative Intelligence: AI that cooperates with people which will, 1) Expand the potential of people, 2) Accommodate and grow together with people, 3) Be capable of understanding and relating to the emotions of people.

To accelerate its research in the area of information security, Honda has chosen the Rafik B. Hariri Institute for Computing and Computational Science & Engineering of Boston University as one strategic partner for joint research collaboration. To coordinate and structure the collaboration, an oversight committee has been established, consisting of the members of Boston University and Honda, including Dr. Azer Bestavros, Professor of Computer Science Department at Boston University and Founding Director of Boston University Hariri Institute for Computing, and Dr. Bernhard Sendhoff, Head of Global Operations of HRI and President of HRI Europe.

A first research project will investigate data privacy control, using a technology called ‘secure multi party computation’*. Currently, personalised services such as recommender systems have become common in our daily lives. These systems typically share personal data of users, often without their knowledge and control. Honda’s goal is to create data security technologies that enable users to control which data can and cannot be shared with systems. This project officially started on May 1, 2017.

Honda is envisioning a future society where mobility products and robots equipped with secure Cooperative Intelligence are highly capable, trusted devices that play an important and joyful part in peoples’ everyday lives. In order to continue providing people everywhere with the joy of expanding their life’s potential, Honda will continue to strive to create further innovations.