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Ferrari Inforacing 2015 for Formula One fans!

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Inforacing 2015

As we all have easy access to the internet and broadcast television, Formula 1 fans around the world can now watch the grand prix from home. But still, sometimes it can get pretty boring watching the driver just going in circles for a couple of hours.

So, while you’re waiting for Maldonado to crash, there’s a pretty strong chance you will fall asleep. Of course, with that happening, you are prone to miss important events that might occur in the race.

Fortunately, Ferrari has come up with a more interactive solution to keep up with the whole race right from the beginning untill the end. It’s called “Inforacing 2015” and it lets you experience an interactive animation with all the data collected during the race.

Inforacing 2015

For example, in case you’ve missed the latest Monaco Grand Prix, you can click on the link here and chose the race from the list and begin toying with the animated lap chart.

It shows you every event that occurred at any given lap, including pit stops, collisions, DNFs and safety car intervention.  And the best part? It has the entire 2015 calendar with all the past races – to this point – available for analysis. In fact, it’s got everything, even the drivers and constructor championship standings. Have a look for yourself by clicking the link here.

Source: Carscoop