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BIKES: Anita Yusof successfully rides the world solo on a Yamaha FZ150!

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While some may only get as far as dreaming about a ride around the world someday, Anita Yusof has actually successfully done it, and on a Yamaha FZ150i no less!

Travelling more than 65,000kms in total alone, her FZ150i only required minor servicing during her epic journey. Most surprisingly, having been an avid backpacker previously, she’d only learned to ride a motorbike a year before her equally long global ride.

Apart from Visa preparations and Carnets, and planning the route, Anita mentioned that insofar as preparing the bike was concerned, there wasn’t much to do, “the bike is standard, just the Givi box and panniers are add ons” she mentioned.

Wear and tear items that needed changing during the ride included a change of tyres and a chain / sprocket set, and that was it. “I gave myself a year to do this, I took a year off – without pay – because I didn’t want to stretch this out for too long”.

“The best part of this ride was meeting people” said Anita, “I learned so much from all of them, that was wonderul. It reaffirmed my belief that there are still very kind people in this world” she added.

As for her next plans, apart from “getting some sleep”, she plans to visit schools to talk about her experiences and spread the message of “believing in yourself and achieving your dreams, nothing is impossible!” On behalf of AF.com, welcome back and heartiest congratulations Anita!