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Meet Cora, the autonomous flying taxi by Kitty Hawk [+video]

Kitty Hawk is a company based out of New Zealand which was started by Larry Page, one of the co-founders of Google and their aim is to build an autonomous electric flying taxi. The results, Cora, one of the world’s first electric autonomous air taxis.


Kitty Hawk’s Zephyr Airworks, the operator of Cora in New Zealand, is entering into an agreement with Air New Zealand –– a partnership to one day bring the first ever air taxi service to the sky. It will still take some time before anything starts flying automatically but it is a first step in the right direction.

Air New Zealand has been crowned the world’s best airline for five years running by  AirlineRatings.com. Kitty Hawk has achieved seven hundred flight tests globally –– a major step forward toward ensuring Cora is one of the most reliable and advanced aircraft ever to take to the sky.

It seems heading to New Zealand has been a good bet so far and the community is looking forward to seeing it in production.


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