Man drives his truck through a Walmart [+video]

Sometimes I know people just get frustrated and want to ram stuff with their car, especially if they are driving a big truck. For this guy in Texas, he did just that. He drove his pickup truck straight into Walmart. It all started when the driver, a 19-year old guy was shopping with his girlfriend at Walmart.


The couple started getting into an argument which scared others. This prompted another lady to ask the girl to stay with her at Walmart to wait it out, hoping that the driver would eventually leave. After a period of time, the both of them went out to see if the coast was clear but the driver was still there. This prompted him to attempt to run both of them over which resulted in the truck crashing into Walmart.

The driver decided to reverse out and then hit a parked Toyota Camry at the lot before stopping at the gas station close by before the police arrested him. The driver is now undergoing a psychological evaluation to determine if he was mentally unstable.

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