The Boring Company to focus more on pedestrians and cyclists [+video]



hen Elon Musk initiated the idea of The Boring Company, he envisioned that tunnels would solve the problems of today’s gridlock. In a video released almost a year ago, it shows that cars would be placed on electric type skates which can go more than 200kmh in tunnels to their destination, avoiding traffic completely.

Lately Elon Musk has been getting a bit of flack from that idea because the idea of moving individual cars may not necessarily solve the problem nor would the idea cater for people who don’t own cars. In a series of tweets last week, Elon Musk seemed to have taken a more pedestrian and cyclist friendly approach.

That pretty much sounds like a subway in the concept right above. The difference in which Musk iterates is that instead of having large subway stations, the focus is on an urban loop where there will be thousands of small individual sized spaces instead, meaning that people using it would get closer to their destinations and have less walking distance.

The system is still relatively new and may require a lot of thinking and dealing with politicians and city council folks so the Boring Company has a long road ahead.

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