VIDEO: 3 Million Mercedes-Benz Diesel Cars Recalled in Europe

Has ‘Dieselgate‘ also hit Mercedes-Benz? Calling it more an ‘update’ than a recall, Daimler announced on Tuesday this week that it would be voluntarily recalling up to 3 million Mercedes-Benz diesel vehicles in Europe, as part of a service campaign to improve diesel emissions. The move, which will cost upwards of 220 million Euros (but free of charge to its customers), comes in light of recent investigations over possible diesel-deception accusations.


“Daimler and other European automakers have faced intense criticism from environmental groups and some governments for exploiting loopholes in regulations that allow car companies to dial back emissions controls to protect the engine. Studies by the German, French and British governments found that many vehicles shut down pollution controls when the outside air temperature was below 20 degrees Celsius or 68 degrees Fahrenheit.” – AFR.


Statement from Daimler: “To effectively improve the emissions of additional model series, Daimler has now decided to extend the service action to include over 3 million Mercedes-Benz vehicles” (Quote source:

Source: Financial Review

Video: Times Of India @ YouTube

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