VIDEO: So The Jaguar E-Pace Set A New World Record, But 007 Did It 43 Years Ago… [+Videos]

These aren’t special-effects. Your eyes do not deceive you… this really happened! Jaguar has set a new World Record by doing a complete 270-degree, 50-foot barrel-roll in the new E-Pace on July 13.


However, unbeknownst to many, a long time ago, before the world became accustomed to amazing computer-generated special-effects / CGI, back in 1974 a stuntman actually did the very same in an AMC Hornet X for the 007 movie “The Man With The Golden Gun“, don’t believe me, check it out! No camera-tricks, they weren’t invented yet back then, just a car, a couple of ramps and a stuntman with ‘nads of steel!

Jaguar Video Source & Featured Image: Jaguar @ YouTube

007 Movie Stunt Source: CinemaSlants Video

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