VIDEO: Why You Should Never Exit A Highway At The Last Minute!



Well, apart from being cussed at and looking like an idiot, here’s a perfect example why it’s always a bad idea to leave your exit from a busy highway till the very last minute. It’s a mad sequence of events that led up to this, something right out of ‘Final Destination’

Keep an eye on the small light-green hatchback that enters the screen from the left…. Notice how the driver cuts across three lanes abruptly to make an exit, however, his view ahead is totally blocked by a yellow DHL truck. He doesn’t realise there’s a semi-truck stopped in the rightmost lane since it was perfectly hidden from view by the yellow truck. It’s called a ‘rolling-blindspot’…

It’s a catastrophic double impact; not only does he 1/4 slam into the back of the parked semi, the car gets completely obliterated by the truck recording this video on its dash-cam. Miraculously the driver survived…

Source: YouTube

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