VIDEO: Dashcam Catches An Eerie Encounter In KL

Imagine this. You’re driving along at night with a couple of friends, it seems like a nice evening, you come around a corner and this is sitting right in the middle of the road, somewhere between Taman Tasik Perdana and Bukit Tunku. What would you do?


Everyone has heard creepy tales of weird encounters on the road, but this time it was caught on a dashcam, and by a friend of ours!

Aswan Yap will have interesting stories to tell his kids. Not only is he one of the most active drivers out there, he’s also a motoring scribe with, and now he seems to have caught something totally unexpected.

There’s more at this link from OhmyMedia. The video below is from this site.

Scarier still was the fact that the moment this was captured on the dashcam, it registered an “SD card error reading”, and all the warning lights on the dashboard of the car they were travelling in came on, but thankfully they managed to get the hell outta there!

A possible robbery attempt, or someone just playing the fool? Or… “something” that really didn’t want them there….?

You decide for yourself. Got a scary story to tell us? Hit us up in the comments below!



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